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village development

There is genius to living in community. Accepting that no human or nonhuman being on the planet can live without the inherent existence of all of the rest of us, is a fundamental and radical paradigm shift in the age of dating apps and autonomous cars. 

At Conducive, we believe that humans have a biochemical need to physically live near one another, and that it is essential to a healthy, happy and prosperous life. Now, that doesn't mean we think its always easy to live in community, but we think the tradeoff is worth it.

Our village designs are nestled into the regenerative, carbon sequestering, farms that we develop, and incorporate walking trails, community space, a restaurant, shops, homes and a few rooms to rent. We design our villages so that they are small and walkable, accessible by every member of our community from the just-barely walking to those who have given up walking permanently. Our villages are designed for passive solar heat gain and run on renewable energy. Conducive's villages are local centers for resilience that welcome you with shelter, food and a resources when catastrophe strikes. We consider it our privilege to provide these services.