the farm

Our farms are diversified, perennial, polyculture systems that produce food, fuel, fiber with minimal input, and are always organic. Because of our commitment to building soil organic matter, we farm in a way that actually reverses climate change by sequestering CO2 through photosynthesis and holistic land management. These practices also rehydrate soils, redevelop healthy mineral cycling, and build native biodiversity. 

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Perennial Polyculture

We form our contours based on site-hydrology to allow all gravity fed rainwater to hydrate the site without traditional irrigation systems. Along each row, a variety of crops will be planted including, biomass, nuts, fruits, berries, vegetables, and grains. 

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Livestock are a critical component of a farm not only because they round out the basket of food produced, but also because they fertilize land. We use high-density rotational grazing techniques to raise both healthy animals as well as healthy soils. 

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Market Gardening

High-density, cover cropping, rotational and companion planting and maintaining biodiversity are essential practices to growing nutrient dense organic vegetables in our market garden. These practices ensure that the soils remain healthy while producing more food per acre than any other technique.