The Village at Stone Barn

The Village at Stone Barn sits on a 32 acre hillside just east of downtown Peterborough, NH and Mount Monadnock. Complete with walking trails, wetlands, yoga space, farm-to-table cafe and working farm, the Stone Barn is a unique place to find your center, connect to nature, and rekindle that feeling you have when you allow yourself to be captivated by the place we get to call home.

From the Village, a short walk to historic Peterborough will land you amidst local bookstores, music scenes, houses of worship, bean-to-bar chocolate, micro-bewery and romantic, riverside eateries.

At the Village at Stone Barn, all condos will be solar powered and with sizes ranging from 1-3 beds. All condos are designed to maximize natural light and air circulation, resulting in excellent indoor air quality and consistent, climate-controlled comfort. Where available, trusses and beams exposing the structure of the Old Stone Barn will be left exposed in the units, so to remind you of the legacy of the Place.

The farming at Village at Stone Barn is unique. Not only will it consist of vegetable market gardens, flower gardens, orchards and berry patches, but it will use farming techniques that focus on soil health and ecological function to increase the amount of food grown, and improve the environmental quality of the habitats, plant communities, water and nutrient cycling, and overall system function. Through regenerative farming, we can repair failing ecosystems and build habitats for endangered species. Through regenerative farming, we can increase the nutrient levels in our food supply so that we can reduce our medical expenses. Through regenerative farming, we can reverse climate change by drawing down CO2 from the atmosphere and putting it back underground. These are some of the reasons why the Village at Stone Barn is a groundbreaking project that enables everyday people to do more good for the planet simply by living their lives there. We hope it will inspire a trend towards environmentally-responsible, climate-beneficial real estate developments so that we can build a more robust food supply within our existing communities, and mitigate the impacts of climate change using techniques of regenerative agriculture. Questions? Ask us about it - this is a dense topic and we’d love to tell you more.

Take nature walks out your back door, let your children grow up on a farm, take a dip in your backyard pond, attend an outdoor yoga class followed by the freshest salad you've ever tasted. When you live with us, you'll come to expect to feel deeply nourished, refreshed and alive.

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