Farm Partner

We're looking for a partner to manage farm operations at the Village of Stone Barn which include approximately 1 acre for a market garden and additional acreage for perennial and experimental crop production. Ideally livestock will be integrated throughout the site.

We're inspired by the regenerative farming practices of Mark Shepard, Elliot Coleman, Sepp Holzer, Allan Savory, Sarah Flack, Ben Falk, Dr. Rattan Lal, Vail Dixon; for this to be a successful partnership, we hope you are too! 

Farming practices may include: applications of biochar, compost teas, installation of hügelkultur and swales/basins, contour planting, no-till planting/harvesting, cover cropping, mulching, compost, manure-spreading.

Farm Production and Management

  • Work with our team to develop plans for most progressive regenerative farming 'food forest' in New England
  • Work with our team to execute phased, whole farm plan
  • Create efficient and elegant systems to manage the farm enterprises 
  • Oversee agricultural production including vegetables, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, perennials, honey, firewood, composting
  • Implement holistic management for all growing systems including planned grazing for livestock. Introduce sheep, goats, pigs and laying hens onto 32-acre property. Manage care and welfare of all livestock

Farm Infrastructure and Systems

Plan and develop infrastructure, including:

  • Hoop house
  • Irrigation systems
  • Oversee acquisition of needed equipment, soil amendments and crops
  • Ensure farm and equipment is safe, clean, organized, and well maintained
  • Ensure excellent supervision for farm workers, volunteers and apprentices
  • Develop annual and quarterly work plans and budgets, farm record keeping, purchasing, billing, receiving, etc
  • Create system to record soil carbon content over time
  • Ensure farm compliance with local, state and federal regulations

 Farmer Qualifications and Skills

  • Minimum 2 years of experience using regenerative techniques, holistic management experience a plus
  • Know-how in growing nutrient-dense food and using refractometer and brix press
  • Business savvy to ensure a viable farm business
  • Capable operator of all necessary farm equipment
  • Excellent communicator, teacher, collaborator, and team leader
  • Well organized, able to prioritize and manage a full and diverse workload, take initiative and be proactive
  • Patience working with interns or volunteers who may lack experience