about us

Conducive is a women-owned real estate development company that formed in response to a growing awareness about the inherent correlation between women's rights and natures' rights.

At Conducive, we have the solutions to fix our broken systems. We are demonstrating the simple elegance that emerges when we mimic biological systems in the natural world. Our inspiration comes from the emerging field of Biomimicry where the first question we ask is always: "What would nature do?" Listed below, Life's Principals represent the guiding strategies that all Life has used to survive, nay, thrive on Earth. With the natural world as our strategic partner, our team delivers tested lifestyle solutions that have succeeded on Earth for more than 3.8 Billion years. 

Our team has a broad range of expertise in real estate, renewable energy development, design, construction, product commercialization, policy,  project permitting, operations, management, and strategic planning. Each project dictates the type of skills required in our team, and we have a network of smart, savvy colleagues that we employ to ensure each project is developed to its highest potential.