Conducive is a real estate development firm that builds regenerative agrihoods. Our feature development is the nation’s first regenerative agrihood, the Village at Stone Barn, located in beautiful and historic Peterborough, NH.

At the Village, residents and visitors reverse their carbon footprint by simply living their everyday lives. How do they do that? By owning a condo at the Village, your lifestyle is run on renewable energy, deep energy efficiency, access to locally grown organic food, and a professionally-managed site using regenerative and carbon-sequestering practices. This translates into further reversal of your carbon footprint because it causes reductions in the amount of waste you create due to reduction of food-miles in your diet, less accumulated ‘stuff’ from because your space may be smaller, and perhaps most importantly, not needing to travel to participate in gatherings because when you live in a Village, people come to you. At the Village, we take the guesswork out of living a climate-beneficial life so that you can focus on living your life, fully.

The Village will include 32 clustered, net-zero homes nestled into a productive, regenerative farm that has an onsite farm-to-table café. Because the farm focuses on growing healthy soils, it builds resilience to the effects of climate change where we live; which is where it matters most. Through regenerative real estate development, communities like the Village at Stone Barn are building a future where people and our planet are working together.


The chance to make a difference in quality of life for all depends on the soil and those who care for and nurture the earth.
— Neil Young, Letters to a Young Farmer
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