If every person on the planet consumed as much as the average American, we would need 5 Earths. We need to make changes to reduce our consumption using creativity and innovation, not austerity and scarcity.

Conducive helps you design a life that is good for the planet.

It’s pretty simple, we take the best solutions on the marketplace, curate them, and offer you an easy way we to live a healthy, climate-beneficial lifestyle without all the hassle of becoming a subject matter expert on all things climate change yourself. We think the world needs people with all types of expertise, and that not everyone has the time or interest to offset their footprint, but that should not be a barrier for us all doing more for the Planet. So, we’re here to help you do your thing and do better.

Our first offering is the Village at Stone Barn.

It is the nation’s first regenerative agrihood, located in beautifully historic Peterborough, NH. What is a regenerative agrihood? It is a clustered village, with solar-powered condos and a farm-to-table cafe that is surrounded by orchards, berry patches, vegetable and flower gardens, and small livestock (think chickens, pigs). It is regenerative because the kind of farming is beyond organic- it is free of chemicals and builds healthy ecosystems to improve the nutrition levels of the crops grown, as well as reverse climate change due to increased carbon sequestration rates. This is a place for people who are ready to become a part of the solution to climate change, and it is also be a place where health and beauty are paramount.

The land consists of 32acres of woods, wetlands and agricultural land, where the clustered, village of 32 condos, yoga studio, and farm-to-table cafe, reside. With easy walking access to Peterborough, a vibrant rural New England town, and on-site amenities to socialize, stay active, and nourish your body, mind and spirit, the Village at Stone Barn is the place to call home if you value health, beauty and connection.  


The Village at Stone Barn is located on Old Street Rd, Peterborough, NH, less than 2hrs to Boston, 45mins to the nearest regional airport, and within 1mile walking distance to downtown Peterborough, NH with shops, restaurants, music and events. Pictured above, the main building in the clustered 32-unit condo development: the Old Stone Barn. Built in 1912 this is one of the most iconic buildings in the Monadnock Region and was built as a model of agricultural innovation. The dormers have been added, and other changes over time have been made - ask us for a tour, we love to tell its story.

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