Conducive helps you live a climate-beneficial life when you buy a home at the Village at Stone Barn.

The Village at Stone Barn is the nation’s first regenerative agrihood, located in beautifully historic Peterborough, NH. What is a regenerative agrihood? It is a clustered village, with solar-powered townhouses, a farm-to-table cafe with fresh-picked produce from the farm just 100ft from the door. When you sit enjoying brunch at the cafe, you are surrounded by orchards, berry patches, vegetable and flower gardens, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the small livestock (chickens, pigs). The Village at Stone Barn grows food that is beyond organic, building healthy ecosystems to improve the nutrition in the crops, while reversing climate change by using practices that actually draw down CO2 and improve water and nutrient cycling in the natural landscape.


The Village at Stone Barn is located on Old Street Rd, Peterborough, NH, approximately 1.5hrs to Boston, 45mins to a Manchester Regional Airport, and within 1mile walking distance to downtown Peterborough, NH with shops, restaurants, music and events. Pictured above, the main building in the clustered 32-unit condo development: the Old Stone Barn. Built in 1912 this is one of the most iconic buildings in the Monadnock Region and was built as a model of agricultural innovation. The dormers have been added, and other changes over time have been made - ask us for a tour, we love to tell its story.